Afrobytes is the connection point between African and European tech.
Our open innovation lab focuses on African market.
Afrobytes Ventures is our startup studio.

June 8-9, 2017

Start your journey on the mobile first continent with a 2 day program conference to meet the African Tech actors in Paris



Join our lab to be part of an inspiring and stimulating ecosystem between African and European Tech


We focus on apps that have transformative potential to improve people's lives

We define ourselves as a problem solving company.

African Tech Startups


You need visibility, funding and a solid partner to scale up fast!

We give you exposure and opportunities to connect with investors and possibilities to think global.

Whether you are looking for investors, customers, media exposure or mentoring, Afrobytes offers a unique opportunity to meet and share your views with players deeply involved in Africa.

EU Startups, Companies & Investors


You are searching for investment opportunities and your concerns are growth and best return on investment.

With Afrobytes you can start thinking about being part of the digital revolution in Africa.

We source high potential startups, solid local partners, and we secure your investments with our local partners.

African diaspora


You need specific tools to connect with your continent of origin.

With money transfer and direct investment, your contribution to African growth is indisputable. Like you, our team understands African and Western business cultures.

We create apps to facilitate your connexion with the continent in all its dimensions: services, investments, families, friends...

Our mission is to redefine the relations between Africa and Europe through tech. And we want you to be part of it.

We believe Africa and Europe can build a common destiny shaped by the best innovators from both parties.


Ammin Youssouf,
CEO Afrobytes


Ammin started his tech career in the late 90’s and is the founder of the multi-awarded digital agency Big Youth.

He is now cofounder of Afrobytes, the 1st Hub dedicated to African Tech in Europe. Afrobytes accelerates startups, organizes conferences and invents digital services for the African diaspora.

He deeply believes the new raw material of Africa is the Data. For him, the future of our sustainable usages is shaped on the “Mobile First continent”.

Haweya Mohamed,
Head of Communications Afrobytes


Haweya advises top executive business leaders and influencers. As cofounder of Afrobytes, she uses her expertise to promote Africa brand and to impose new keywords to define it: Innovation, Mobile technologies, Growth, Women tech entrepreneurship...

She knows that in Africa women are at the frontline of Education, Agriculture, Health and so on. She believes that they are also the ones able to create successful “problem solving” companies as long as we offer them the opportunity to embrace tech.